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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Department of Spanish & Portuguese invite you to participate in the LAS-SPANPORT Year in Barcelona program. You will spend a year in Barcelona, Spain’s second most prominent city, situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and a few hours from the Pyrenees Mountains. This intensive language program, founded in 1971, is directed in Barcelona by either a professor from the University of Illinois or from the University of California.

Participants study from mid-August to mid-June at the Universidad Central, an elegant downtown campus of the University of Barcelona at the center of the city’s cultural and civic life. The instruction schedule allows for considerable personal time to get involved in local culture or to travel; vacations include two to three weeks in December, one in February, and two at Easter. Barcelona is conveniently situated to travel to all parts of Spain, Northern Africa, and other European countries.

As the LAS-SPANPORT Year in Barcelona program is co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, it has the benefit of providing the following:

  1. The completion of the Spanish major in the year abroad.
  2. Open to students from all Illinois colleges and majors. You do not have to be an LAS student to apply! Because you can take courses at a local university, the program appeals to many majors in addition to Spanish majors (Anthropology, Economics, Latin American Studies, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, etc.) You want to be sure to consult your major advisor and browse through the titles of courses offered at the local universities to ensure that appropriate courses would be available to you.

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