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SLCL Administration Directory

Kevin Armstrong, Facilities Manager: 244-3241,

Karen Cottrell, Office Manager:265-6935,

Abby Dillingham, Office Manager: 300-3091,

Nicolette Elam, Business/Admin Associate: 300-5826,

Courtney Gant, Asst. Director of Bus Affairs: 333-6923,

Clarissa Gentzler, Business/Admin Associate: 333-2241,

Yvonne Knight, HR Associate: 244-8242,

Debbie Kraybill, Office Support Associate: 244-2725,

Robb Larson, Office Support Associate: 244-5783,

Ellen Lindsey, Office Manager: 244-3036,

Jean-Philippe Mathy, Director: 333-3252,

Cody Mayfield, Account Technician II: 333-7639,

Bill Mullins, Office Support Specialist/Receptionist: 300-1052,

Rick Partin, Coordinator for Outreach and External Relations: 244-2341,

Lauri Quick, Office Manager: 333-2637,

Zacharia Reed, Academic Advisor:

Rebecca Hill Riley, Assistant to the Director: 244-0410,

Kathy Schilson, Office Administrator: 244-3250,

Lenore Sroka, Office Manager: 244-2056,

Lynn Stanke, Admissions/Records Officer: 333-6269,

Jon Swigart, Office Specialist: 300-7090,