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SLCL's award winning staff assist faculty, staff, and students with departmental processes.

Abigail Dillingham

Abigail A. Dillingham (Linguistics and the Program in Modern Greek Studies)
Office Manager
4080F Foreign Languages Building
(217) 300-3091

Lauri Quick

Lauri Quick (Center for Translation Studies, Department of The Classics, Program in Medieval Studies)
Office Manager
4080E Foreign Languages Building
(217) 244-7455 (Translation Studies)
(217) 333-1008 (Classics)
(217) 333-5572 (Medieval Studies)

Karen Cottrell

Karen Cottrell
(French and Italian and Germanic Languages and Literatures
Office Manager
2090G Foreign Languages Building
(217) 333-2020 (French/Italian)
(217) 333-1288 (Germanic)

Ellen Lindsey

Ellen Lindsey (Comparative & World Literature and Religion)
Office Manager
2090L Foreign Languages Building
(217) 244-3036

William Mullins

William Mullins (Receptionist)
Office Support Associate
2090 Foreign Languages Building
(217) 300-1052

Kathy Schilson

Kathy Schilson (Spanish & Portuguese and SLATE)
Office Administrator
4080C Foreign Languages Building
(217) 244-3250

Lenore Sroka

Lenore Sroka (East Asian Languages and Cultures and Slavic Languages & Literatures)
Office Manager
2090F Foreign Languages Building
(217) 244-2056

Jonathan Swigart

Jonathan Swigart (Foreign Language Teacher Education and SLCL)
Office Support Specialist
2090C Foreign Languages Building
(217) 333-7090